To me it’s about people and their pursuits in life. I get a real sense of delight and deep satisfaction in being a catalyst in their pursuit and achieving their goals!


“Maggie Drane went to bat for us numerous times on our recent purchase of a cottage on Crystal Lake. She has a deadpan sense of humor about her that is delightful.”

Stanley Kaymen

“Maggie Drane is a rockstar. ROCKSTAR! Words cannot describe how incredible she was in helping us get the house of our dreams. We’re first-time home buyers, and she not only helped us navigate the nightmare VA home buying process every step of the way, but also negotiated on our behalf, and took time out of her holidays to help us out and keep the purchasing process moving forward. The amount of care and time she put into our home buying process is something we would only have expected from the home buyer themselves.

Rachel Scott

“Molly and Maggie were the best! Very professional yet fun to work with, always offering well thought-out guidance and representing my best interests. Availability and response time was awesome!”

Diane Meredith

“What a great experience from start to finish! This is the team you want in your corner if you are buying or selling a home! Thank you Molly and Maggie, for your great insight and knowledge that helped us to determine how to position our home for the best financial outcome. Thank you both for your honesty, professionalism, positive attitudes at all times, and your proactive approach to getting it all done! “

Betsy Wood

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